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Are you looking for 4x4 tyres for your vehicle?

As more and more people use SUVs in the UK, the demand for more innovative tyres is being exaggerated. In the case of specialised vehicles, they need better quality tyres, which are known as 4x4 tyres, or SUV car tyres. If you are looking for better 4x4 tyres in Harrogate, you are in luck.

We are HG Motors, and we are now in Harrogate to provide better tyres and better automotive services. We have teams of qualified technicians who will be able to help you select the best possible set of tyres.

Are SUV tyres special?

You know what, they are! SUV or 4x4 tyres are better under certain circumstances than their traditional counterparts. Given below are certain benefits of modern models of this type.

  • SUV car tyreshave increased traction as compared to the ordinary, run-of-the-mill tyres. These tyres offer a better grip to the surface, whether it is wet, rainy, or sleety. Under these conditions, it is extremely difficult for ordinary car tyres to keep up with these special tyres.
  • High thermal resistanceand tear resistance are also the qualities that SUV tyresoffer. The reason is a special finish that they have; this material alone makes them more expensive than ordinary ones.
  • 4x4 tyres at Harrogate, when in use, will produce less noisethan their more standard counterparts. A less amount of noise output is also a feature of a good tyre. Besides, they also contribute significantly less to the environmental pollution.
  • A positively superior wet gripis another excellent feature of anSUV On the roads of your neighbourhood in Harrogate, it sure rains a lot. In such instances, these tyres behave a lot better than regular tyres.
  • Finally, SUV car tyresbring with them a high-quality driving precision to any vehicle that uses them. These car tyres are safer to ride and offer a remarkable amount of ride comfort.

Buy SUV tyres in Harrogate

At HG Motors in Harrogate, we have the entire range of tyres available for you. We store tyres from such great brands like Pirelli, Dunlop, and Goodyear. Visit our website for more details and great offers. Alternately, do drop in at our garage for a more personal inspection.