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Dunlop Tyres

One of the UK’s best-known tyre companies, Dunlop is famous for reliability and affordability. Since 1889, they have stayed as a leading tyre company all over the world because of their resourcefulness and innovative nature.

The brainchild of John Boyd Dunlop, a man who pioneered the use of pneumatic tyre, Dunlop Tyresholds the crown of one of the market leaders because of their continuous advancement both in designing and material for making their tyres.

Dunlop tyres signify quality and buying a pair implies making sure that people of Harrogate get nothing but the best from HG Motors, one of the largest tyre retailers in Harrogate. We have introduced a wide range of products at our store for you to choose from. Also, we have started selling our products on the internet; now you can buy Dunlop tyres online from our website.

Dunlop tyres – quality meets affordability

Today, Dunlop car tyres are a name synonymous with quality. They have pushed their boundary continuously to reach the ultimate safety and industry standard.

  • Dunlop tyres go in the British Touring Car Championship and V8 Championship since 2003 and 2002 respectively. Their product range consists of nearly every other type of tyre that these race cars needed.
  • Because of their high performance and durability, Dunlop car tyres are the preferred brand of tyres used in the European Le Mans GTE class.
  • Many race teams use Dunlop tyres as their control test tyres. As an example, the R&G Racing GSX-R trophy race uses Dunlop GP Racer D209 tyre only.

Acing so many races and becoming and staying the preferred best of so many racing teams is no easy task. Dunlop has aced everything head-on with their sheer ingenuity and a desire to make the best.

So, what are you waiting for? We, HG Motors are one of the largest retailers of Dunlop tyres in Harrogate. If you are looking to buy a new set of tyres that will last you a long time, visit us today, and buy a brand new set of Dunlop car tyres at affordable prices.

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