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Are you looking for ECU Remapping for your vehicle?

Do you prefer a comfortable and unmatched driving experience? Or, do you expect maximum power and torque from your engine?

No matter what your expectation is, it can be fulfilled with the help of ECU Remapping.

It might sound a little intimidating at first to tune your engine according to your needs. But you don’t have to worry, we, at HG motors, are here for you.

Infact remapping can profusely enhance the overall driving experience.

What does remapping or engine tuning mean?

The next generation of cars are being fitted with ever-evolving computer technology. These computers consist of a vehicle's Engine control unit, commonly known as ECU. The ECU is responsible for the alterations in the performance of the car and tells us about how our engine works under some of these changes — consequentially modifying the output of the motor.

If done correctly, tuning can significantly reduce the fuel consumption and in turn greatly enhance the fuel economy.

How do we remap your vehicle?

Nowadays, people love to modify their vehicle's according to their personalities. A tuning software generally helps us with this. We plug it in the serial port (OBD port) of the car, which will overwrite the original ECU software. With a couple of clicking, we can quickly change the configurations of the engine according to your driving needs while you sit back and relax.

Another way to remap ECU is chip tuning. In this, the EPROM of the computer is removed, and the new software is written over the original software and then the chip is placed back again into the machine.

What can be expected with ECU remapping?

When used effectively, remapping software is a powerful tool, capable of achieving incredible results.

If the car owner wants increased power delivery, then the vehicle can be tuned for more power at the expense of more fuel burnt. The cylinders will need more fuel to provide higher power to the crankshaft. You will experience a better acceleration and hence a surging enthusiasm while driving your dated car.

On the other hand, if you want a better fuel efficiency, you have to make a trade-off between your mileage and power and hence the torque will reduce. However, your vehicle will run with improved fuel economy.

Some of the ECU tunings:

Many different settings can be configured using computers, but the three main tunings are as follows:

Speed Limiter Removal:

Following the gentleman’s agreement, car manufacturers have to fix the cars with a speed limiter, that limits the speed of the car to the safe driving limits. However, you can always get it removed or can get the ECU data overwrited to delete it.

It is illegal to remove the speed limiter from goods vehicles with a maximum weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. Moreover, you should always check for legality issues with your local authorities or with us before getting it removed.

EGR removal or EGR deletes:

EGR is responsible for sending some of the exhaust gases back into the engine, reducing the amount of emission an engine produces. This affects the engine as carbon content deposits over time in the engine. The EGR valve is responsible for maintaining this exhaust gas recirculation.

EGR cooler is used to cool these gases before letting them in the engine, and if this fails, fault codes and warning lights may be triggered by the sensors.

Advantages of EGR valve removal:

*The temperature will be lowered in the engine.

*Throttle response will improve.

*Fuel economy will get better.

*Carbon will not deposit in the engine.

EGR should not be removed from the vehicles that still have the DPF filters; This may block the diesel filter as they are responsible for the regeneration process.

It is illegal to remove any of the original emissions equipment fitted to a vehicle from the factory in the UK. You may be fined heavily for a diesel engine with no EGR valve for air pollution.

DPF Deletes or DPF Removal:

A diesel engine has a particulate filter that is responsible for cleaner emission through the exhaust. The deposit is stored in a canister. If this canister is damaged, it can cause serious expense. So it is removed and replaced with the DEF system that affects the fuel economy. Both DEF and DPF deletes may increase your fuel economy by 30%.

Is it safe to remap my car?

It is a bit technical to remap the car. And if you are not an expert, you should take your vehicle to the experts and tell them what you need from your car. Whether you want: an increased power and torque or a better fuel economy, we, at HG motors Harrogate, will do it all for you.

There is another issue with remapping; your insurance company may not approve it, and hence you should check up with them before getting your cars remapped.

How can we HG motors help you?

Our expert technicians can get all your modifications done for you with a touch of finesse. We believe that customer satisfaction is our greatest reward and take our work very seriously.

If you require any assistance, please contact us.