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Post warranty, car repairs turn out to be nightmares for most car-owners. Once your dealership parts ways with your vehicle, owners rely solely on occasional ‘goodwill repairs’.

Market research shows that customers look for safety and road-reliability from their vehicles. In order to maintain their sanctity as effective transportation means, vehicles should undergo thorough check-ups periodically.

Welcome to HG Motors for thorough car servicing Harrogate

With more than 10 years of experience in dealing with multiple vehicle types, HG Motors car service garage is available at Harrogate. Impart your car a new life after its warranty expires. HG Motors officials peep under the hood to check illegal or excessive engine modifications that are straining your vehicle.

Examination of suspension, drive-train and wheel-alignment gives them a thorough insight into where exactly your vehicle is falling short. Owners often risk lives by installing add-ons that are not certified by the Government. Most end in deadly crashes. Car-owners should cease their search for unauthorised vehicle repair garages that render their vehicles practically useless.

Our mechanics devote enormous time and effort on finishing. Scratched ends, dimpled rims and noticeable dents are smoothened using spectacular techniques. Plus, we promise complete rectification of your vehicle through our extensive Car Repair service in case it does not meet MOT standards.

To ease servicing mechanisms, our marketing department has introduced certain service types:

Provisional servicing:

Meant typically for high usage drivers, this aims to rectify certain significant loopholes like oil change, etc. Plus, our experts perform some intensive tests concerning worn out tyres, engine servicing, faulty lights, etc.

We care for your safety, and hence we have introduced interim maintenance checks on a bi-annual basis. Our mechanics check your vehicle’s coolant levels, and condition of brakes, exhaust systems, HVAC working mode, etc.

Additionally, owners often complain about faulty air-conditioning, faulty infotainment systems, etc. Our experts promise positive response and ensure that our customers maintain a healthy relationship.

Comprehensive servicing:

Families prefer opting for our intensive servicing scheme those performs more extensive checks and performs part-replacements. Cars experiencing lower mileages and underperforming require intense check-ups.

List of services included in HG Motors offerings are:

  • A check of the entire suspension system and its linkages with the engine.
  • Complete wheel alignment check-up and wheel balancing.
  • Replacement of tyres and checking roper funning of valves and axles.
  • Complete clutch operation inspection which includes examining clutch plates, valves and connecting cables.
  • Fitting new spark plugs for petrol/diesel engines.
  • Fitting new fuel and air filters for diesel/petrol engines.
  • Inspection of the exhaust system and its connections with catalytic converters, drivetrain and engine.
  • Checking condition of service light, installing halogen lamps for improved visibility.
  • A check of wheel bearings and brake fluids.

Refrain from taking your car to your car dealership. Apart from saving time and money, our intensive customer servicing team undergoes thorough check-ups until the owner’s needs are satisfied.

Don’t worry if your car has passed warranty period. Rejoice because our HG Motors Car Service Garage at Harrogate promises revolves around perfection, knowledge sharing and higher satisfaction. Call our experts today for Car Servicing Harrogate or feel free to post your grievances online. Our customer care agents will be happy to help you!