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Are you looking for Shock Absorbers for your vehicle?

The main reason why you do not feel the bumps and jerks when you drive your car is the shock absorbers. A system consisting of springs and dampers, shock absorbers carry your car’s weight and absorb the impact of any deformity of the road.

However, most car owners in the UK do not periodically service their car’s suspension, which results in a far quicker wearing of parts. Once these start wearing out, ride quality of your car gets compromised significantly, and so does your safety. That’s why we, HG Motors, have brought our suspension service garage to Harrogate. We know how important they are for your vehicle, and once you bring your car to us, we will make sure that all its components are working as it should.

How to detect faulty suspension –

The moment you feel your ride is getting rather choppy, you must visit us to avail our suspension repair service. Driving with a malfunctioning suspension can be dangerous; and to make sure that you do not overlook some very obvious signs, we have compiled a list of some of the major issues you might face.

Stopping distance – With worn out suspensions, you will need a much longer stopping distance to bring your car to a halt. Research says that stopping distance can increase by up to 20% once if your car’s suspension starts malfunctioning.

The softness of the parts – Have you noticed your car bobbing up and down a few times whenever you encounter a road bump? Well, your car’s shock absorbers are malfunctioning. It is time to bring your car to our suspension service garage in Harrogate.

Unusual body roll – If your vehicle moves to one side whenever you are going through a turn, you might want to check the shock absorbers once. If they start to malfunction, they will lose their rigidity, resulting in a soft, almost dangerous stooping whenever you tackle a corner.

Facing problems? We have the solution

We know how much trouble it is to find a reliable and affordable car repair shop in Harrogate. That’s why we, HG Motors, have brought our suspension service garage at Harrogate. At our shop, you can avail all our services at an affordable price. Our expert technicians will ensure that the entire process goes without any hiccups. Book your appointment today, call us, or visit our website to book online.