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Incorrect car tyre information can lead to non-abidance of UK laws. Tyres should be marked correctly depending on the vehicle they are fitted on. A tread height of at least 1.6mm is mandatory and should be along the entire length of the tyres.

Car owners should be able to identify their tyre-type; most common ones belong to the 205/55R16 category. Tyre problems can lead drivers and passengers to trouble, even death. Our experts at HG Motors, Harrogate car repair garage, promises to deliver superior service that renders your tyres suitable for long distance travels.

Some common tyre problems that can ruin your journey

  • Tyre-pressure issues: Tyres maintain a particular pressure, at which they are inflated,in order to preserve steady traction. This also ensures that the car holds its stability. Tyre valves control the amount of pressurised air within tyres. Tyre blow-outs are most likely in case of under-inflated tyres. Owners see prominently diminishing tyre strength and thus utilises more fuel leading to lower mileage.
  • Uneven treadingcan lead to misalignment which affects suspension and increases the probability of an accident. Due to extreme usage, tyre treading wears out over time, particularly around the outer edges. If you notice uneven treading, do not hesitate to contact our executives at HG Motors offering premium cheap car tyres in Harrogate.
  • Cracks and bulges: Tyres are built to sustain external impact, and thanks to occasional potholes or bumps, they develop bulges and cracks. They affect car stability and lower its efficiency. HG Motors experts believe that aftermarket tyre cleaning uses chemicals that react with the rubber compound and renders it useless.
  • Vibration and weird tyre screech: Tyre vibrations affect driver judgement owing to lower stability. Not only does it raise the probability of accidents, but it also diminishes the power of healthy tyres due to increased load on them. HG Motors’s mechanics claim that whining noises produced by tyres signal misalignment and hence unbalanced traction.
  • Ageing:Normally car-tyres retain their strength for up to 5 years before owners should finally decide parting ways with them. Signs of external damage reveal that your tyres need replacement. Manufacturing dates printed on tyres further reveal their expiry dates. Unable to determine whether you should consider replacing your tyres? Bring them to our experts at HG Motors Harrogate.

Choosing your car tyres, wisely!

Repeated re-treading can damage your tyres rendering them potentially dangerous. Before investing in a new set of car tyres, make sure that you understand your requirement.

HG Motors Harrogate is proud to unveil their latest collection of cheap car tyres pertaining to your issues. Parameters we take into consideration before suggesting the best car tyres include a choice of traction, probable load-weight, and type of handling. Your Mustang won’t necessarily run on van tyres and vice versa.

Check out our new collection of performance tyres from Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, and Bridgestone to name a few. Each and every tyre we sell carries the EU tyre label attached to them. Plus, they abide by EU standards and are certified to guarantee safety.

Get premium quality weather-specific tyres

Apart from performance and offloading tyres, our garage in Harrogate presents a huge collection of tyres knitted to suit weather conditions.

  • Winter tyres are manufactured with softer rubberised materials with parallel treading that allows them to overcome snow. Plus, they provide more traction and compensate for contraction caused due to extremely cold
  • Summer tyres exhibit shallower stripes and wider treading that allows heat to act evenly on the tyre surface. Summer tyres are made with harder compounds that can withstand heat and do not wear out easily.
  • All weather tyres are suitable for any weather conditions, and their structure presents intricate treading patterns that can allow the vehicle to overcome snow and withstand heat. Get premium quality Michelin all-weather tyres from our garage in Harrogate.

Moreover, we also provide tyre-repairing services like puncture repair, treading and valve replacements. Call our executives today to avail premium discounts on car tyres. You can also check car tyres price on our website and buy car tyres online.

Don’t hesitate when your safety is at stake.