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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

Initially fitted in limousines and luxury cars in the 30’s, car air conditioning is now a standard feature for any commercial vehicle. Aimed to relief passengers from humidity and trapped hot air, air conditioning supplies cool air and provides a comfortable journey.

However, air conditioning malfunction is common and often arises from leakages and condenser problems. Our experts at HG Motors reveal that inactive pressure switches and defective clutches can also help air conditioning systems to break down.

If you are unwilling to ruin your summer road trip owing to air-conditioning malfunction, then look for the most obvious symptoms signalling impaired usability. Do you hear noises coming from your HVAC system? Contaminated refrigerant, use of wrong lubricants and dying compressors cause weird screeching noises from your car’s HVAC system. It’s time for a thorough Air Conditioning Harrogate maintenance!

Possible Air conditioning malfunctions:

Insufficient cooling: Answer to your discomfort caused by malfunctioning HVAC system is weak airflow. Cold air flowing from your AC might face obstructions in the form of mould or mildew growth on the evaporator core. Again your ventilation fan might have stopped working. Our experts at HG Motors also opine that loosened blower house seals might also diminish air strength.

Internal leakages: Sudden fall in pressure may cause leakages inside the HVAC system. Before opting for an air conditioning recharge, make sure that you check the condition of hoses and Schrader valves. Unsecured fittings can also initiate excessive leakages from front seals that block pressure switches. Undergo an aircon Regas Harrogate today!

Problems with compressor or refrigerant: Faulty compressor clutches may loosen connections with the compressor. Consequently, your HVAC system fails to maintain proper air pressure resulting in the release of hot air. Non-engaging clutch and malfunctioning cycling switches may blow a fuse resulting in a faulty compressor.

Foul smell: Accumulation of microbes on the compressor and AC linings can give rise to nauseating smell. Dirty air cabin filters and evaporators can also ease growth of moulds and fungi that results in odorific problems.

Additionally, car owners often complain of alternate supply of hot and cold air. Before calling our mechanics at HG Motors Harrogate, check for leakages inside your HVAC systems. Your refrigerant might combine with moisture which corrodes the internal parts. Seals and valves are easy targets, and that may result in hot air flow due to inadequate refrigerant content.

Expansion valves and compressor clutches are important constituents of your HVAC system that controls air pressure and maintains proper distribution of refrigerants to the evaporator. A complete air Conditioning Harrogate checkup will reveal faults in compressor and expansion valves. Plus, our experts will carry out intensive examination that will look for flooded evaporators.

Allow us to diagnose your car AC issues

Our technicians have based their research on carrying out a series of tests that would reveal issues with your HVAC system. We provide answers to the following issues:

  • Does your AC vent need air Conditioning Recharge?
  • How often your refrigerant does needs replacement?
  • Are you experiencing hot and cold air flow alternatively?
  • Are there any visible leakages from AC vents?

Head to your closest HG Motors Harrogate garage and get complete auto care for your vehicle. Faulty air conditioners hamper the driving experience. Undergo air Conditioning Harrogate repairs and make your summer drive fun and comforting.