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Continental Tyres

Nobody desires to find their car tyres screeching and presenting an orchestra of creepy clatters. With excessive usage, faults in treading or extreme temperatures, tyres lose their strength, and you always run the possibility of a blow-out. Our experts at HG Motors recommend shifting to Continental tyres with a ContiSilent feature that specifically reduces tyre screech and excessive noises.

This ContiSilent feature is programmed to work smoothly irrespective of the weather conditions, type of roads, etc. Additionally, HG Motors executives guarantee extraordinary performance from Continental tyres owing to their ability to retain their foam structure.

Why choose Continental tyres?

German made Continental Car Tyres are constructed using complex layers of polyurethane foam attached with inner walls of tread. This helps retain tyre strength, especially during summer months. During winter months, exquisite directional treading helps maintain traction which aids in guiding the vehicle.

Ditch your spare wheel and save space because Continental Car Tyres adopt exclusive SSR technology that controls your vehicle even in case of a blow-out. Drivers can drive up to 80km with their punctured tyres safely.

Continental tyres come with a tyre pressure Monitoring System aka TPMS, which maintains tyre balance. 

Why choose HG Motors?

Promising performance and superior after-sales service, experts at HG Motors understands car-road chemistry better. Our experienced mechanics not only help in augmenting your car performance but also helps realise its visual appeal.

HG Motors’s professionals recommend using the premium quality high standard tyres for your vehicle. This helps drivers to manage their car better and minimise maintenance costs. Our professional engineers understand your vehicle more than you do.

Let our automotive expertise promise you a safer and comfortable ride. Get an entire fleet of Continental tyres irrespective of your car-type. Don’t worry; we also provide pre-MOT services to help you maintain UK road-standards in and around Harrogate.

Give your vehicle a brilliant make-over, get your Continental Tyres Online or call our experts today!

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