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Are you looking for EU Tyre Label Information for your vehicle?

The European Union drove a campaign to standardise a uniform tyre labelling system to fight pollution while offering car owners an easy and comprehensive way to choose the best product. The EU tyre label is the product of this endeavour.

This label contains some vital information in an easy-to-understand way. It includes ratings for fuel efficiency and wet grip, in an ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale, and tyre noise, in a three-wave manner and decibels.

It is mandated to show proper EU tyre label attached with each tyre for sale in the UK. Keeping that in mind, we, HG Motors, has made sure to take extra time and care to display every single label with all our products for sale. Also, on our website, you will see respective tyre labels with every single unit that is available for purchase online.

Although, our customer base has faced certain difficulty at times while interpreting an EU tyre label. To help them understand what it means, here is a quick description of all the symbols and ratings you will find in an EU tyre label.

Mileage – Whenever you drive your car, its tyres and the road create friction against each other. This friction gives a certain resistance against the movement. The amount of this friction can change the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The more the friction, the less it's mileage.

In an EU tyre label, the lowest friction is indicated with an ‘A’ rating. It gradually decreases until it reaches ‘G’, which indicates the worst mileage. ‘D’ works as a line segregating top and bottom three values.

On average, a ‘G’ rated tyre consumes 6 litres of extra fuel for every 625 miles.

Wet grip – You must have noticed that wet roads are significantly slippery than dry ones. To make sure you understand how good your tyres performance will be on wet roads, EU tyre label measures and show the value on them.

In this case, it rates from ‘A’ to ‘F’, where ‘D’ act as a segregator and ‘G’ denotes the absolute minimum of the ranking.

Between the top most and bottom most ranks, your car’s braking distance can increase by about 18 meters.

Noise generated – There is a certain amount of noise that your car will make when it rolls against the road. It is presented in 2 different ways. The absolute value is in decibels, and there is a pictorial depiction containing three wave design, single wave being the quietest, three waves being the loudest.

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