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Are you looking for Van Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you looking for an excellent quality tyre to replace those worn out ones of your van? Worried about the excessive price that they are charging every time you visit a store? Don’t worry, we, HG Motors, have brought our entire range of high-quality van tyres Harrogate. We stock tyres from almost every other manufacturer and offer attractive prices on all our products.

Ordinary car tyres are different from your van’s tyres. You carry a lot heavier weight on a daily basis, and your van needs to be able to handle that extra strain.

If you haven’t made your mind on which one to get, we have in-house experts who will offer you suggestions on which product to get. We will look into your driving pattern, vehicles model, budget, and provide you with products from a range of tyre makers to pick.

How to ‘read’ a new set of tyres –

Van tyres are generally a lot heavier, and sturdier than standard car tyres. Not only the rubber compound is stronger, but they also have thicker sidewalls that carry that extra weight.

When you come to our store to buy a new set of van tyres Harrogate, you will notice that they have few markings on their sidewalls. For your convenience, let’s break down these markings.

  • Two most common markings are an ‘XL’ and an ‘RF’ on the sidewalls. ‘XL’ means that these tyres are rated for carrying that extra load, and an ‘RF’ means that they are reinforced.
  • Always check the EU tyre label before you buy a new set. Remember, you should have something that is economical, and safe. Understand what you are investing your money in to get the best set of tyres for your vehicle.

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