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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

There is a vast difference in tyres that are supposed to be used in different weather conditions. For roads of the UK, experts recommend using summer tyres whenever the temperature climbs above 7°C. Winter tyres, made from soft rubber compounds, can never handle the heat generated from constant friction against the hot tarmac.

To handle such situations, scientists came up with summer car tyres. They are vastly different in both design and material of choice and are perfect for your daily commute around Harrogate or that occasional road trip.

HG Motors, one of the largest tyre retailers in Harrogate, has brought a wide range of products for you at attractive prices. You will find tyres from every major manufacturer, for every other car that runs on the UK road, at an affordable price. Also, you can also buy tyres online from our website.

Different in design

Summer tyres are purpose-made tyres, designed to handle long drives on hot roads. They incorporate a different design to dissipate the heat that generates from the friction.

If you visit our store, you will see that the summer tyres on display have a completely different design than winter tyres. These car tyres have shallower grooves and treads and are a lot sleeker. You will also notice that there are deep ribs that run through their entire length. These ribs help channel the air that is trapped under the spinning tyres and decrease its temperature.

Also, summer car tyres consist of a tougher rubber compound, made to withstand the heat generated by constant friction.

If you are looking to buy a brand-new set of tyres, visit HG Motors Harrogate today. We offer affordable summer tyres price Harrogate so that you will be able to buy them without burning a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, if you haven’t decided on which brand or model to go for, our expert technicians will help you pick the best one after looking at your driving habit, car’s model, and more importantly, budget.

Bring your car to HG Motors today

If you are looking to buy a brand-new set of tyres, visit us at HG Motors Harrogate today. We have the most extensive range and the best prices to offer to you. You can also visit our website to buy tyres online.