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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Keeping your car healthy and free from mechanical damage is not that difficult. If you know where to look, this task becomes even easier. One of the areas where you need to focus on is the tyre and wheel. That is where operations like wheel balancing and wheel alignment come in.

If you are looking for the service of wheel balancing at Harrogate, you are in the right place. We provide wheel balancing service at a very reasonable price. If you live in or around Harrogate, you can come and visit us.

Wheel balancing vis a vis wheel alignment

While often mentioned in the same breath, wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two separate operations. Wheel balancing relates more closely to the health of the wheels and tyres themselves; it is a process where professionals ensure that the wheel’s weight is evenly balanced. In case of any imbalance, experts add counterweights.

On the other hand, a wheel alignment is done to ensure two aspects: that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and the wheels on the two axles are parallel to each other. A well-planned wheel alignment allows the car to drive straight and true.

Wheel balancing at HG Motors: benefits

At HG Motors in Harrogate, wheel balancing is done by expert professionals with years of proficiency and expertise. We also use the latest technologies available for these operations.

The one thing that makes us the best wheel balancing garage at Harrogate is that we do not make errors. Some of the most common wheel balancing mistakes are:

Not using enough lubrication: Whenever we mount or remove a tyre, we know that we need dollops of good lubricants. Lube application is, however, a rather specialised job. Too much lube can cause tyre-wheel slippage and excessive vibrations. Too little lube will damage both wheel and tyre.

Inserting the bead breaker improperly: A wrongly inserted bead breaker will, in the long run, damage the tyre sidewalls. Once the sidewall fails to sustain itself, a tyre will fail.

Reusing used wheel weights: This is both a mistake as well as a breach of trust. Counter-balancing weights are not reusable: they need to be new. Used weights will not work well and may come off.

Incorrect mounting: Once the wheel balancing is complete, they need remounting. If this is not done correctly, your car’s wheels will cause damage to its entire assembly, not to mention damage to the wheels and increased vibrations as well.

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If you are looking for a professional car wheel balancing garage at Harrogate, visit us. Our team of professionals can determine the exact amount of weight the balancing operation needs. We also promise great value and budget prices. Besides, we assure on-time delivery of the vehicle.