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Are you looking for Valves Change for your vehicle?

Synonymous in functioning like any other valve, tyres valves maintain air pressure. Technically, valves direct pressurised air into the tyre chamber and control its firmness. Conversely, it allows tyres to retract when necessary.

Evidently, vehicle owners need to specify their rim length, tyre width and model in ask for our mechanics to equip them with perfect tyre valves. Welcome to HG Motors tyre valve repair Harrogate. From using metal valves to rubberised ones, we ensure that your tyres retain its pressure.

What can faulty valves do?

Valves control the tyre pressure. When pressurised air is forced through the valve nozzle, tyres retain their shape and maintain their strength. However, owing to varying acceleration and repeated braking, tyre rubbers lose their treading.

Tyre deforming can damage the valve structure which may increase braking distance by up to 20%. Our experienced professionals at HG Motors recommend checking valve integrity and checking air pressure periodically to reduce the wear and tear of the suspension and tyres.

Ensuring safer valve fitting:

Car tyres require seasonal replacement unless you opt for all-weather tyres which are expensive. Tyre valves need periodic changing as well. Our experts recommend using metal valves which are reinforced with rubber lining to balance pressure balance.

Valve replacement services are offered when replacing tyres. We ensure that metal valves fit your new tyres to prevent irreparable damage. Worth mentioning that at HG Motors, we also have hidden tyre valves in our enormous inventory.

Particularly for alloy wheels, owners can fit hidden tyre valves that are extended with shorter tubes fitted using special cables. HG Motors mechanics abound in extensive knowledge meant to heighten your vehicle-driving pleasure.

Valve for money?

Apart from checking tyre pressure regularly, vehicle owners should take care to check their tyre valves to ensure safer rides and lower operating costs. Are your vehicle tyres creating a nuisance?

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